It feels great to read the news over  No. 1 Hindi Daily (Dainik Jagran), where the heading at business page read “social networking ban raha hai marketing ka naya auzaar” (Social Networking is becoming new tool in Marketing World).

I mean wow, a couple of days back I was reading about how traditional media and social media can go hand in hand, and today there is an article over. This article serves the purpose of it.


The future is not the separation of these two methods of marketing; instead, companies that succeed will understand how to blend these marketing strategies into one cohesive campaign. Print, TV, SEO, PPC, and social marketing must be used intelligently in a campaign to maximize reach, buzz, and lead generation.                                             -Jun Loayza, President 

Several business delegates at a conference of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) discussed the platform of social media, wherein people come and discuss  their ideas and views using internet as the medium of communication and how this platform is utilized by industry to create brand awareness and gain feedback from the ultimate consumer. This engagement of people over internet has given way to a new society all together.

We at WIZCREW opines that the word marketing is changing, and so is the medium of communication, there is a constant need to attract the customers to your product and services. Tell me how many of you switch the channel when an advertisement is broadcasted over television, or just glance through some newspaper or a magazine advertisement. Internet surfing is the most common hobby and interest of people of our age, and I wont be wrong in stating that most of the time is spent over internet networking, it could be either related  to our work, or leisure. The catch here is to tap the consumer where they are available. Social media networking platform serves the purpose of it where communication takes place Virally and through Word of Mouth, its like “TAKE ONE AND PASS.” which I gently state is Information Sharing.

The entire world has been fairly transparent in the last 10-15 years. With the explosion of reality TV, it was inevitable that we were a society destined to share everything about ourselves and our opinions virally.

The basic requirement of communicating online is to generate a good content and pass on the information, which requires the assistance people who can manage your communication, WIZCREW proudly associates in dealing with internet communication process.


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