“Marketing the Brand” is the journey of being unknown to known. One of the most crucial problems that marketers faces is of visibility in the market place or exposure. Especially if talk about new entities, until and unless the target knows about the product or services which is being offered the companies cannot get business. An internet presence will surely set the things working for an organization.

The coolest part about being present over web is the way it reaches mass with just a click of a mouse. Isn’t it amazing…??? Today while sitting at my workstation, me and my team started a discussion regarding what elements are necessary to create a good brand communication over cyber space, especially for new organizations, and can rank itself higher in search results. Here are a few which came out of the discussion.


Firstly, a Website: I would definitely vouch for it. A well designed website is a very important part of brand communication for any organization, flashing about you, your team, your product and services, the news and views, your contact details, in simple yet in a eye catching manner. So what are we waiting for ? Go ahead and hire good web designers, like WIZCREW who can get this thing fixed for you, because a well designed website is crucial when it comes to brand communication, especially for a new organization and attracting clients.


Secondly, engage in Social Media Networks: Perhaps the best way to stay in touch with your prospects, especially the young brigade, because they are the buyers of future. Social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter can be utilized to engage in communication with clients, their likes and dislikes, just like what Dell is doing over twitter, or Fastrack  over Facebook (which i mentioned in my previous post). The profiles of these companies keep the communication open for its prospects and clients, keeping them (clients) aware about their latest products, and promotions taking place. New organizations can manage their accounts over these networking websites and thereby attract followers and get engages in discussion.


Thirdly, Blogs: A new organization can maintain a blog, which could deal with product updates, latest developments taking place in the industry, description of the latest event that took place, in a candid manner. Blogs provide an opportunity to enhance corporate communication for marketing, branding and public relations.


Fourthly, Online Forums: New firms must engage over online forums and regularly post over it, like discussions list, which seems to attract a lot of readers and attract them to the brand and make them think “Hey this fish has got something interesting to say.” and start a discussion.

image  image

Well the list is endless regarding the discussion that took place at my workplace, the above mentioned is a small list for new startups. In the end I would like to say internet provides terrific opportunity for organizations to create a recognizable brand identity and get your customers talking. So lets go and BREAK A LEG 😉

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