Marketing has evolved manifolds, almost 4 decades back the mode to reach customer was characterized by advertising  on

  • Print
  • Radio
  • Television

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Not only advertising campaign, but the buying pattern was different,  products and services that time need to appeal to the head of the family rather than other family member. But now it goes without a doubt saying that its a new world today, the customers now are more aware of the surroundings, they know from where to get the best information. The buying patterns have changed and the new influencers in the buying process is the young generation.

Its all about marketing to the “Kool Generation”, we belong to this generation. How many of us have not surfed the internet before going to market, to know about the latest model of a Nokia handset, or a Dell computer, or even to know about the best holiday packages ? And the list is endless. The organization have come out with new ways of marketing to us, it is because we also want this, we want the best deal to capture. Websites, forums, social networking sites, blogs, these all contribute to the new marketing channel i.e. the Online Marketing.

Marketers over a time have become really smart in their approach, I say this because, who thought that a simple social networking site like Facebook would turn out to be the most sort after sites for companies to dialogue and discuss about their products and services.  It really amazes me to see how “Fastrack”, the most loved youth fashion brands in India has engaged itself  with their target audience over its official fan page on Facebook. This fan page gives me an impression as if we are talking to a friend, fans have posted messages like “got my bikers calendar a couple of hours back…it looks so cool…thanks fastrack” and then Fastrack responding to the same. Its so much like company being involved personally with its clients cum friend 🙂

image image image image

It also runned an internet campaign “Move on and get  Famous” on “” , which read ” Move on and get famous ! Yeah that is simple. Use imagination and upload video telling how you moved on, had a fling with a hotie (real or fantasy) and we will make you BIG by putting you on TV. Now wipe your cam and get started.”

Well i don’t know how many people uploaded their videos, but this organization is surely speaking in the Language of Youth, and has really MOVED ON with changing times. One of their promotional videos which i really like

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