Today just while surfing the net i came across a presentation delivered by Steve Jobs on the launch of Mac Book Air Notebook….and i swear Totally Smitten….!!!

There are a lot of things that we can grasp from his style… Though this chap made his fortune in the age of digital revolution where organisations are competing with each other by launching new technology and delivering it to markets, this man makes and delivers the best and indeed the most complicated technology in the simplest and the most attractive way possible, which means something to a layman.

The way he connects to his audience during his presentations is something which we all would want to inculcate into ourselves…though Mr. Jobs is hard to follow but if we observe him we could be hard to forget…This guy is “INSANELY GREAT” in front of any audience his is put through…he has turned his product launches into a theater form…he is simply the best speakers in the world stage today.

“The world thinnest notebook” a term given by Mr Jobs for one of the best innovation in technology..with this one liner he sold a dream not a product…and precisely that is what a customer thinks, he cares about his dreams, his hopes, he doesn’t care about any company’s product or whatsoever they are making.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Mr. Jobs seems to be following these words said by a great engineers and an artist till date, Leonardo da Vinci.

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