Brands leave a mark in our minds, we use a product or utilize a service, they leave a mark on our minds, which could be either good or bad, and both the experiences counts. It counts for the organizations that are developing these utilities and also the consumer groups.

Facebook, Twitter and the likes, offers a platform for organizations to engage themselves in a communication with the consumer group. An organization can engage themselves in a lot of activities for brand communication, they can design applications, set updates about their products. All these activities account for brand communication, which is a very important part of Branding.

For an effective online brand management communication there are three things that are vital for an organization.

Firstly is to LISTEN: listen to what the buzz is in the market, it helps in sensing the mood of a customers, google alerts, tweet decks, updates, RSS feed, can help a great deal to an organisation.

Secondly is to get ENGAGED: An organization must engages themselves in various social media sites and hence make its presence among the cyber community and thus engaging in a dialouge.  This a the best part of a social media campaign, it is a dialogue and not a monologue, where communication can take place form both the ends.

Thirdly is to Measure: To measure a social media campaign, it is important to identify the people who have engaged through social media campaign, how it has influenced the customer, and weather the brand engagement has resulted into generating brand loyalty, and what is the final outcome i.e. are the sales are happening or not ?

So these are the few of the ways through which an organisation can communicate its brand and involve its prospective customers in the discussion, and making them(customers) feel part of the organisation.

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