Excitement is in the air with the fast evolving and definitely very exciting concept of "Social Media Marketing." Marketers around the globe use various measures to promote their product or services, be it Radio, Television, Print, to name the generic one’s which are indeed till date one of the best measure to communicate with the public at large.

Social media is the way of interacting with people where they can store, share and communicate information online (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, to name a few). Much of today’s business is carried on over these electronic networks which has made marketing more interactive. Now-a-day’s organizations can interact and have discussion with large groups of audience than it would have ever thought in the past.

Over these networking sites many netizens come together and exchange there ideas and views. These citizens of net are well qualified professionals who come and initiate a dialogue. We all do it be it the premier excitement of 3 Idiots and posting "ALL IZZ WELL…!!!" lingo, to discussing about latest model of DC’s car at the auto expo and posting "Imperator, and it sure is imperious!" over our networking sites (Facebook or Twitter). These services provide the necessary tools and motivation for people to interact and share resources.

The top benefit of social media marketing is generating exposure for the business, increasing traffic, and building new business partnerships. Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook were the top four social media tools used by marketers, in that order. These measures also help a marketer in Search engine optimization (SEO).

Social media has initiated a new way of communicating and sensing the response of customer and engaging them into a discussion. Organizations maintain Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Blogs to boost their sales, to tell about their new products, asking feedback, designing games, launching themes of their services and the list is endless. Dell Computers are using the concept of social media marketing , and the staggering sales bears the witness, they expanded their connection with their customers by networking online. A Dell Computers supported page over facebook says

"Listening to customers, prospects and influencers is the foundation of all successful social media programs. By listening to online conversations happening in blogs, forums and social networks, you can bring the voices of your customers directly into your organizations."

While writing this content on my blog i just got a new tweet by Barkha Dutt over my twitter account where she says "facebook is so twentieth century after twitter. But by the same logic, this is ephemeral too. What’s next."

All i can say is social media is ever evolving. This trend is fast picking up and there are a lot of changes happening around the cyber community which is coming out in a very great fashion.

So if someone thinks that social media is for kids, just think over it after looking at the figures below as known to me:


55.3 million adults, or less than 1/3 of population in the US now visit social networks at least monthly

80% percent of Twitter users are over 25

The fastest growing Facebook demographic is those 35 years old and older

Close to 70% of the 250 million Facebook users are outside the United States


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