Small small things make a lot of difference. I am here talking in terms of website development. Today while at lunch Team WIZCREW came out with some points which sometimes really irritate us while surfing a website. These might look silly but it might not be.

imageDon’t make me use it

Link Building: Its advisable not to design heavy websites with several links, this may link our website to spammers. Instead we can launch a blog or a forum on website, and can participate in relevant industry associations and their online forums. It should be user-friendly.


Immediate Registration: Many a time we have come across websites which force registration or subscription to view it, well it is a good way to maintain a database but sometimes it may suck, its like putting barrier for the visitor to visit that website.


A Long URL: Well yeah lengthy URL is surely an eye sore. It has many times happened with me that I receive a mail containing a long URL and when I click it some error occurs, this is because when we copy and paste that URL a line break is added, and we can’t click on the link or only first half of the link clicks, rather than the full link.


Search Options: Some websites don’t have a search option (perhaps they want people to have to visit their site and look at the maximum number of ads) and you can only find your search terms through either a long list on a certain page on the site or through a drop-down list like


Contact: It has happened with me wherein I go to contact page of a website and it flashes only the email address. Sometimes we wanted to have a chat with them regarding some issues, having a chat over gives a feeling of personal assurance and customer satisfaction.


So if you are doing these, then don’t.

**Data presented were expressed by my teammates and some web research.

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